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Server Rules!

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Server Rules! Empty Server Rules!

Post  Nathan on Sat Dec 24, 2011 11:29 pm

Forgotten Legion OT Official Rule List

Do not capture other people fishing monsters!
Do not capture raid monsters
60 day Ban+item removed

You may be banished at any time for any reason, the
reason does not have to be on this list, without warning by
God or by another staff member who has permission
from God to do so if he sees fit.
Punishments maybe worse then described.

Pretending to be part of the staff is banishable. Banishment time depends on the severity of the situation.

Sharing accounts that have staff access (tutor or higher) is not allowed.
Selling (or trading) accounts is illegal.

You must follow these rules. Whatever is posted here is what goes.
Do not take anyone else's word on what is legal and what is not.

-!Players whom participate in destructive behavior may be removed at any time!-
-!Changing your IP / Using a proxy to avoid IP banishment is strictly prohibited!-

(A) Advertising

(a1) Do not advertise / talk about any other games in public areas (Help chat, default chat, forums, ect).
(a2) Do not broadcast messages such as: "If anyone plays ... message me".
(a3) Do not advertise / discuss the selling/trading/purchasing of in-game items for external currency.
(a4) Do not advertise / discuss the selling/trading/purchasing of tibia accounts.

(B) No Cavebotting, Auto Casting, Auto Targeting, Key Jamming

"Auto" is defined as an action completed automatically without direct user input, including through software and key jamming.
Auto targeting is defined as acquiring a new target automatically. Target lock is defined as maintaining the same target automatically.

(b1) Do not use software that moves your character.
(b2) Do not auto cast attack spells.
(b3) Do not auto cast attack runes. Firebomb permitted in PVP.
(b4) Do not auto target.
(b5) Do not use target lock against monsters. Target lock is permitted in PVP.
(b6) Do not use bots to perform digging or cutting.
(b7) Do not allow other players to control your character through scripts.
(b8) Do not claim to have 'botted' (in game or on the forums).
(b9) Do not auto direction turn.
(b10) Do not auto levitate.

Auto casting healing spells, support spells, runes and potions is legal.
Auto fishing is legal.
Auto direction turning is legal when AFK.
Auto attacking and casting at a trainer station is legal.
"Dash" is legal.

Breaking the rules:

(b1), (b2) and (b3) each result in a 30 day banishment.
(b4), (b5), (b6), (b7) and (b8) each result in a 14 day banishment.
(b9) and (b10) each result in a 3 day banishment.
Cavebotting will result in a 60 day banishment.

(C) Multi-Client Policy

(c1) A single person is defined as 1 client on any computer.
(c2) The maximum amount of players that can be online per IP address is 3 (Unless proven that all players on the IP address are different people).
(c3) ALL additional characters must remain inside of a PROTECTION ZONE (PZ) at all times.
(c4) All additional players outside PZ must be able to respond in less than 5 minutes.
(c5) You may not use additional characters to gain any advantage. Quickly hoping a PZ line to gain use of additional characters is illegal.
(c6) Blocking off areas with additional characters or healing other players is a banishable offense.
(c7) Spamming via talking on more than one character at the same time is considered banishable.
(c8) Mass-logging characters to give someone a red skull is considered mage bombing.
(c9) Mage bombing will result in a 30 day banishment.
(c10) Violation of g8 will be considered scamming.

(D) Some specific bot-use restrictions.

(d1) You are not allowed to have auto AOE icons.
(d2) Any icons that resemble cavebotting / autocasting / autotargeting are considered illegal.
(d3) The use of hotkeys inside of bots is ILLEGAL. You MUST use the ingame system.

(E) Do not abuse bugs.

(e1) Do not abuse any type of bug.

(F) Chats / Broadcast

(f1) Do not participate in Drama in Help Chat, General Chat, or Broadcasts.
(f2) No trolling is allowed in Help Chat or Broadcasts.
(f3) Help chat is for asking and answering game related questions only.
(f4) Do not spam.
(f5) Do not beg for items.
(f6) Do not complain in-game. Instead, use the forums.
(f7) Do not ask to be part of the staff.

(G) For players under level 250.

(g1) Do not trap players.
(g2) Do not spam "Area of Effect" spells near the depot.

(H) Donations

(h1) Chargebacks / Claims will result in your account being locked.

(I) Account Policies

(i1) Retrieving items that you have lost during a hack is a privilege and is not always possible.
(i3) Your account can be held liable for crimes committed from your IP address.

(J) Forum Rules and Regulations.

(j1) No excessive harassment.
(j2) Server Chat rules apply on the forums as well (With the exception of Complaints).
(j3) Do not post images of or about people without their consent.

(K) Do not scam, hack, or steal.

(k1) If you are caught scamming, item(s) stolen will be returned to their rightful owners.
(k2) Any items on the scammer's account will TAKEN and used for community purposes.
(k3) Scamming may result in your account being locked.
(k4) Scamming players for invitations to a spawn / house is illegal.
(k5) Do not steal from other players.
(k6) We reserve the right to lock any or all future, past or present accounts the offender might have.

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